Community Forester Program


Become a Community Forester

To be an advocate for Dallas’ trees and help conserve and expand our urban forest, why not become a Community Forester?

A Community Forester serves as the city’s eyes, ears, and hands for tree related issues. Training will provide you with basic expert level tree care necessary to identify trees species, proper planting techniques, and identify risks. All these areas are essential to conserving and eventually expanding our urban forest here in Dallas. To learn more or to sign up for classes, please view our Community Forester page (link).

 Community Forester Program

Many Dallas residents have asked what they can do to promote Dallas’ trees. While planting trees is an obvious first step, it is also clear that having basic knowledge about trees can further the goal of a tree-lined Dallas.

Subsequently, in 2007, the Committee established the city’s first Community Forester Program to train citizens and enable them to learn basic tree skills to promote tree plantings in their neighborhood while also advocating the importance of Dallas’ urban forests.

Some of the class topics include:

  • How does a tree grow?
  • Tree Identification
  • Planting, pruning and maintenance
  • Insects and Disease

Specifically, Community Forester classes are a combination of classroom instruction and actual field training that are taught by City of Dallas Foresters.

Upon graduation, Community foresters are encouraged to assist in tree planting and events sharing what they have learned with other volunteers.  They can also serve as tree advocates who speak to homeowner associations, schools, garden clubs, and home and garden shows about how to plant and care for trees.

As of 2021 the Community Forester Program graduated over 150 people, who assist with tree plantings, promote trees in their neighborhood and alert City Staff on tree related issues.

If you are interested in learning more about the Community Forester Program, please see our Community Forester page (link) If you are interested in signing up for the Citizen Forester classes, email, or visit the City’s Forestry page for more information!

 or visit the City Forestry page

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