Who We Are – the Urban Forest Advisory Committee (UFAC) is an advisory committee to the Dallas City Council to advise on city policy impacting the urban forest.

Contact us at DallasUrbanForest@gmail.com

Link to Dallas Arborist School 2024

(In English and Spanish)



Branch out Dallas – 2024 – tba
Citizen Forester Classes 2024 – tbaAdopt a Median Program – https://dallastrees.org/?page_id=3304
Heat Island information – page pendingSponge Cities – page pendingTiny Forests – has been updated as of 7/14/2024.
Tree Plantings
– 2024
Trees in the news 2024Trees in the news – 2023
Table for tree related information

Newspaper articles about climate change and trees 2023/n

Members of Urban Forest Advisory Committee 2023-2025 voting members
Stan Aten, UFAC Chairperson
Larry Hochberg, UFAC Chair Emeritus
Steve Houser, UFAC Chair Emeritus, Certified Arborist and Consulting Arborist since 1981,
Certified Texas Master Gardener with the Dallas County Chapter since 1998, Certified
Texas Master Naturalist with the North Texas Chapter since 2000
Kate Kosut
Katherine Homan
Tim Herfel
Daniel Huerta
Don Raines
Colleen Murray

City of Dallas Forestry website/home.aspx

Link to Texas A & M Forestry Website – Urban And Community Forestry

Texas A & M Urban and Community Forestry

Recent stories about the Dallas Urban Forest:


UFAC Meeting

Third Tuesday every month (except July ) at 6 PM.  Due to Covid19, all meetings are on Zoom.

This is a link to upcoming tree plantings in the city of Dallas:


Ongoing threat to local ash trees:

Emerald Ash Borer has been found in Dallas County. Here is a link to a press release from the Texas A & M Forest Service:

Additional information on the Emerald Ash Borer including a quarantine on fire wood.

The A,B,C’s to Planting Trees in Dallas


Texas Forest Action Plan


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