Trees in Dallas City Parks

The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department maintains the trees in Dallas parks. Divided into 3 geographical service areas, the department’s Park Maintenance Services are responsible for maintaining the trees, including pruning and removal. The service areas also manage the mowing and trimming, irrigation, hardscape areas, benches, water fountains and trash removal.

Any citizen who has a question or concern about park maintenance should call 311 (or 214-670-3111). A call to 311 generates a written request which is then forwarded to the appropriate department. Questions and concerns can also be filed online. See for instructions for emailing your request.

New Planting
The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department plans for a number of parks to receive new trees each year. These trees add to the existing trees plus replace dead trees due to storms, drought or age. The Department goal for the year 2014 is to plant 1,000 trees on Park lands.

City codes specify the kind and size of trees that can be planted in parks; the Department requires irrigation for any new trees. Planting locations for new trees are determined by the City Forester through overall park tree assessment and park needs. It is illegal to plant or prune trees on Dallas City Park land without permission. Do not plant trees on your own, as they will probably be removed.

The actual planting of Park trees occurs through partnerships with area nonprofit organizations and corporate sponsors. These groups provide volunteers who plant the trees with the guidance and assistance of Park Department employees. Park tree plantings are open events, and citizen volunteers are welcome to participate. To sponsor, partner or volunteer to help plant trees, call the Dallas City Forester, Karen Woodard, at 214-670-1509.