Basic Goals



We Incorporated to address specific urban forestry issues in the Dallas metropolitan area. The mission of the Urban Forest Advisory Committee is to conserve and promote Dallas’ tree canopy, but this mission can take on many forms in our diverse city.

Below are some of the Committee’s basic goals:

  1. Advise Dallas officials on tree-related issues and educate them of the many benefits urban forests provide our city to allow informed decisions.
  2. Re-shade Dallas by encouraging the city and other public or private interests to plant trees.
  3. Educate citizens and city staff regarding best management practices for tree care and maintenance as well as forestry.
  4. Train citizen volunteers to be Citizen Foresters, who can serve as basic tree advisors and neighborhood tree advocates while also being the eyes, ears and hands for tree-related issues.
  5. Initiate a Tree Inventory/Survey to take stock of Dallas trees and quantify the monetary value as well as environmental and quality of life benefits that our city’s trees provide.
  6. With the baseline data from the tree inventory, develop short and long range plans for the future care, maintenance and sustainability of the Dallas urban forest and associated ecosystems.
  7. Work with city officials to combat Dallas’ urban heat island and related air quality issues by restoring Dallas’ tree canopy, which can help lower urban temperature, remove air pollutants and save energy.
  8. Establish an office or division of urban forestry within the governmental structure of the city that is directly responsible for all matters relating to the urban forest.

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