City Arborist

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADallas’ City Arborist Office is comprised of several arborists who enforce Dallas’ Landscape and Tree Preservation Ordinance by reviewing landscape plans and tree removal plans, investigate tree removals (unlawful and otherwise) and provide customer support to citizens, developers and other city departments. Although not strictly code compliance, the Arborists ensure that landscapes are maintained in a healthy, growing standard.

The City Arborists differ from the City’s Urban Forester in that their main responsibility is to enforce Dallas’ Landscape and Tree Preservation Ordinance. The Arborist office is led by Chief Arborist Phil Erwin who manages several arborists who each oversee geographical districts within the city. Dallas’ Arborist Office is part of the Building Inspection Division of the Department of Sustainable Development and Construction.

The Chief Arborist also conducts the Department of Sustainable Development’s Urban Reforestation Fund. The Fund is comprised of payments made by developers and citizens for the mitigation of trees removed in the city. The Fund supports the purchase of trees for organizations and businesses who request trees to be planted in the city’s public spaces, as well as being available for the city’s purchase of forested properties.

If citizens believe a property with tree related problems is a safety concern or potentially in violation of city code, please visit the City Arborist’s Frequently Asked Questions to learn more. This site is helpful to answering many common questions about the Landscape and Tree Ordinance.e

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