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August 2017

A link to recent legislation passed in the Texas Legislature that will have an impact on local tree ordinances:

June 2, 2017

a link to a story re: illegal tree removal in North Dallas:


For more information contact: Nov. 29, 2016                 

Jerry Ortega –  Mobility and Street Services       

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                         City’s new Mobility and Street Services Department  to include Urban Forestry Division Dallas – The City’s new Mobility and Street Services (MSS) Department will also include a new Urban Forestry Division which will monitor and maintain all City trees inside its public rights-of-way. The City Council approved the creation of an Urban Forestry Division, charged with developing an inventory of trees across the City, identifying planting opportunities, providing health assessments and teaching citizens and staff about maintenance and best methods for planting and caring for trees.

“Natural shade provided by trees reduces the “heat island” effect in our City, improves air quality and lowers energy costs,” said MSS Director Rick Galceran. “Protecting and managing our trees will be the primary responsibility of our new Forestry Division.”

Full implementation of the new division will be completed over five years. Funding for the new department came from savings realized by merging the Public Works and Street Services departments.

The Urban Forestry Division will be a sub-division of Dallas’ Street Repair Division under MSS. MSS Assistant Director Jerry Ortega will oversee the Division’s implementation for the City of Dallas. “We are excited about this new Forestry Division, which will further enrich the landscape and overall lifestyle for our Dallas community,” Ortega said.

Link to a story about tree hazards from imported trees in the UK:

Story about illegal harvesting of trees in Taiwan: