Turtle CreekOne of the simplest ways to reduce the Dallas’ Urban Heat Island is to plant trees in street medians. These grassy islands line many parts of our city, and offer convenient locations that can host the trees that shade the asphalt and improve beautify our neighborhoods.

To encourage more street median tree plantings, UFAC and the Dallas Streets Department have established the Adopt-A-Median program that helps neighborhood groups and businesses plant trees in Dallas street medians. The program is similar to Adopt-A-Highway program, whereby groups will adopt medians and take responsibility for its tree planting and maintenance. Groups can either self-fund these tree plantings, or by complying with city regulations, access public funding through the city’s Reforestation Fund.

Empowering neighborhood groups and businesses to tree-line these concrete areas will quicken efforts to reduce the Urban Heat island effect and improve the air quality in our urban areas.

Recently, the Committee kicked off its Adopt-A-Median program by adopting two wide medians along Skillman Street and University Blvd. Today, this area is lined with beautiful trees that will grow and shade this section of Dallas.

If your neighborhood group or business would like to Adopt-A-Median, please contact the committee chair Robert Curry for more information.