The Urban Forest Advisory Committee (UFAC) was established in 2005 by the Dallas City Council to advise the Mayor and City Council on local and regional tree related issues.

The Committee assists the city to develop good management practices so they may conserve the city’s trees and forests. It also educates citizens on trees and organizes tree plantings.

UFAC is comprised of citizens and Dallas City officials whose goal is to restore a tree-lined Dallas.



Dallas Urban Forest Advisory Council

What can I do?

The Urban Forest Advisory Committee has many projects for volunteers and professionals that will help make Dallas tree-lined again. We invite you to view our webpage to see how you can help.

Tree-Lined Dallas

Dallas UFAC News

Donate a Tax-Deductible Contribution to Support a Tree-Lined Dallas! Find out how your business can make a name for itself in our community on our How to Donate page. See other businesses that already have!

Read Bill Seaman's Exec Summary Addenda to Recommended Revisions to Article X, “Landscape and Tree Preservation Regulations” discussed at the December 7, 2010 UFAC committee meeting.

Read about our Adopt-a-Median Program.

Where Can I Get My Free Copy

Are Dallas Homeowners responsible for removing
dead/diseased parkway trees? To learn more click here


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