Citizen Forester Academy – Registration information Summer 2021

The Citizen Forester program is a public education and volunteer opportunity for Dallas area residents who want to help restore, enhance and conserve our urban forest.

Sponsored by Dallas Water Utilities, the program is a combination of classroom instruction and actual field training.  The program is managed and coordinated by Karen Woodard, City Forester.

This training regimen enables citizens to learn basic tree skills that promote tree plantings in their neighborhood, parks, public places and the Great Trinity Forest while also advocating the importance of Dallas’ urban forests. Implemented in 2007, the Citizen Forester Academy has already graduated over 200 citizen foresters.

Class curriculum topics may include, but are not limited to:

Tree identification

Soils and Water Relations

Basic Botany

Planting, Pruning and Maintenance

Tree Assessment

Wetlands/Prairies and Native Vegetation


The Citizen Forester Academy is held in the Fall of each year, from early September thru early November.  Classes consist of 3 (2 hour) evening classes and 3 Saturdays (6 hours with lunch break).  The Saturday class is held at the Trinity Audubon Center with half of the day indoor and half hiking around the Great Trinity Forest practicing Tree ID and assessment, visiting the wetlands and various restoration projects.

Cost and Availability

The forester program is open to all area residents, no experience is required and at no cost. Please note, space is limited but City staff will do its best to accommodate all interested residents.