Fall Foliage Project

Fall Foliage ProjectIn early 2009, the committee unveiled a new tree planting concept that features trees that can display beautiful fall colors---a first for Dallas tree plantings. While autumn colors occur unpredictably in Dallas, the committee gathered some of the more reliable autumn trees and organized them into tree groves.

The first test project for this concept was conducted along two Skillman Street medians, in East Dallas, bounded by University Blvd. and Lovers Lane (5200 Skillman).

The committee hopes in ideal years, pedestrians and motorists will see a brilliant display of yellow, orange and red. While Dallas’ climate can be tough, the committee hopes planting trees like these can give Dallas a beautiful fall.

Can Dallas Have an Autumn?

Although brief, Dallas does have beautiful fall colors under the right conditions. Generally, good fall color is dependent upon a combination of cool temperatures, decreasing daylight, and adequate rainfall. While only Mother Nature can guarantee a beautiful autumn, the committee hopes that Skillman Street will be prepared when autumn conditions happen.

The committee would like to plan more aesthetic style plantings in the future. If you have questions or would like to learn more about this or future aesthetic projects, please contact our Media/Public Relations Team Leader, Mike FitzGerald.