How Can Trees Help Dallas?

 Emotional and Physical Benefits

  • One widely reported study shows that patients viewing trees through a window during surgery recovery cut their average recovery time by almost one whole day compared to patients with a view of a blank wall.
  • People turn to the urban forest, preserved by humans as parks, wilderness, or wildlife refuges, for something they cannot get in a heavily developed environment. The quality of human life depends on an ecologically sustainable and aesthetically pleasing physical environment. The surge of interest in conserving open spaces is growing!
  • There is growing recognition that the key to reducing health care costs lies in prevention of illness. Trees contribute to this end by creating positive emotional and social experiences.
  • Many who live or commute in urban or blighted areas experience stress that can indeed impact their health. Trees have a way of reducing tension emotionally and physically. In studies of the effects of environmental stress on the mind and body, evidence of the therapeutic value of trees has emerged. It is likely that the cost of environmental stress in terms of work days lost and medical care is much greater than the cost of maintaining trees, parks, and urban forests.