How Can Trees Help Dallas?

 Air Temperature and Energy Consumption

  • Trees decrease air temperature and help to offset the "heat island" effect of hardscapes by providing shade and by transpiration (the release of water vapor into the air). By properly selecting and planting trees, energy savings can exceed 40%. Three mature trees placed strategically around a house can cut air conditioning bills by 10% to 40%!
  • Dallas area neighborhoods with mature trees can be up to 11 degrees cooler than new neighborhoods without trees. A one-degree rise in temperature equals a 2% increase in peak electricity consumption.
  • A single large tree can release up to 400 gallons of water into the atmosphere each day. Water from roots is drawn up to the leaves where it evaporates. The conversion from water to gas absorbs huge amounts of heat, cooling hot city air.
  • Cities are 5 to 9 degrees warmer than rural areas, and 3% to 8% of summer electric use goes to compensate for this urban "heat island" effect.