GOOD NEWS! City of Dallas Urban Forest Advisory Committee (UFAC) is a recipient of the Kroger’s COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM. Through the Friends of the Dallas Urban Forest escrow account, UFAC can receive contributions from each Kroger purchase made from all who have signed-up online to participate. So please sign-up!
Signing up is easy, takes only a few minutes, and adds to UFAC’s ability to assist Neighborhoods to plant trees, sustain them, and grow healthy Communities.
You will need to be signed up for Kroger Plus card, if you do not have one−you can sign up for one at any Kroger Store.

1. Go online to
2. If you are already signed up for a Kroger online account, click the “Sign-in Button”. Sign-in to your account with your email address and your password, and continue to STEP 3. If not already signed-up with Kroger’s online−go to STEP 6.
3. Click “Enroll Now”.
4. Enter the number 24563 under “Organization”. Friends of the Dallas Urban Forest will pop up, pick it and click “enroll”.
5. A popup will show your Account Information, look on the bottom of the page and confirm the organization you have chosen is the Friends of the Dallas Urban Forest.
6. If you do not have a Kroger’s on-line account−click “Create Account”.
7. Setup an account by providing an email account, password and zip code. Click “Find”. Select the Store in your neighborhood and then click “Create account”.
8. Fill in the pop-up asking for “Plus Card” or “Alternate ID” and your “Last Name” to verify the account. The “Alternate ID” can be your phone number, an easy way to remember to donate contributions to UFAC. Enter the number and click “Save”.
9. Your Account Information page will pop-up, look at the bottom and you will see the option to enroll in the COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM. Proceed to STEPs 3-5 to “Enroll Now”.

The next time you shop at Kroger’s, be sure to enter your Alternate ID (your Phone Number) or Kroger Plus Card. Check the bottom of your receipt for the COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM for Friends of Dallas Urban Forest. Thank-you! Kroger has just made a donation to UFAC to support our tree efforts to benefit Dallas Communities. Spread the word− anyone can sign-up and help the Dallas Urban Forest!