Tree planting is a vital component of a sound urban forest management program. Trees are living organisms and must be replaced to sustain the urban forest as a whole. City life is hard on trees, therefore planting must be done to assist nature and counter the many impacts present. A properly-planted, appropriately-sized, well-adapted tree can cost hundreds of dollars to plant and keep alive for the sensitive establishment period.

The Urban Forest Advisory Committee is committed to properly planting trees, helping groups to plant, and distributing information about planting.

UFAC has a brochure to help you with Planting and Caring for Trees in Your Yard.

What Tree Do I Plant?

Each tree species is unique. Pick what suits your needs and landscape the best. Species information is available from the Texas A&M Extension Services and the Texas Forest Service, Texas Tree Planting Guide (Texas A&M).

The A,B,C’s to Planting Trees in Dallas

Urban Forest Advisory Committee published Dallas’ first tree planting guide. This guide provides basic, yet expert-level advice enabling citizens and community groups to successfully plant trees in our city.

This guidance includes:

  • Ideal tree planting conditions,
  • Proper tree maintenance,
  • Best watering methods,
  • Practical tree placement guidance to reduce energy costs
  • Identifying funding sources.

The committee hopes this tree planting guide will help to empower citizens and neighborhood groups to beautify and shade their neighborhoods

Citizens can download the guide with this link.

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