Mavericks Trees for 3’s program

The Mavericks Trees For 3s program is entering its 10th year and they are once again inviting Citizen Foresters to help supervise volunteers who will plants hundreds of trees at DISD campuses across the city. These are fun events that make the schools a more welcoming place for students, teachers, and visitors. The Mavericks and the volunteers are always very appreciative of our efforts. Here is the itinerary for this year’s TF3 plantings.

Planting Date 1: Friday, March 1st Morning 9 a.m. : Leila P. Cowart Elementary School   1515 S. Ravinia Drive  Dallas, Texas 75211.

Planting Date 1: Friday, March 1st 12 noon: Zan Wesley Holmes Middle School 2939 St. Rita Drive  Dallas, Texas 75233

Planting Date 2: Friday, March 8th 9 a.m. and 12 noon:  Nancy J Cochran Elementary 6000 Keeneland Pkwy Dallas, Texas 75211

Planting Date 3: Friday, March 29th 12 noon : F. P. Caillet Elementary School 3033 Merrell Road  Dallas, Texas 75229

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